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SEC Filings

SEELOS THERAPEUTICS, INC. filed this Form S-3 on 02/01/2019
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Represents the bonuses paid to the Named Executive Officers in cash in 2018 for 2017 performance pursuant to Apricus' annual incentive program. There were no bonuses paid to Named Executive Officers in 2019 for 2018 performance pursuant to Apricus' annual incentive program.

Narrative Disclosure to Summary Compensation Table

Base Salary

In general, base salaries for our Named Executive Officers are approved by the Compensation Committee and are initially established through arm's length negotiation at the time the executive is hired, taking into account such executive's qualifications, experience, prior salary and market pay levels. Base salaries of our Named Executive Officers are approved and reviewed annually by our Compensation Committee and adjustments to base salaries are based on the scope of an executive's responsibilities, individual contribution, prior experience and sustained performance. Decisions regarding salary increases may take into account an executive officer's current salary, equity ownership, and the amounts paid to an executive officer's peers inside our company by conducting an internal analysis, which compares the pay of an executive officer to other members of the management team. Base salaries are also reviewed in the case of promotions or other significant changes in responsibility. Base salaries are not automatically increased if the Compensation Committee believes that other elements of the Named Executive Officer's compensation are more appropriate in light of our stated objectives. This strategy is consistent with our intent of offering compensation that is both cost- effective, competitive and contingent on the achievement of performance objectives.

Our Named Executive Officers did not receive base salary increases in 2019, 2018 or 2017.

Annual Cash Incentive

The Company also generally provides executive officers with annual performance-based cash bonuses, which are specifically designed to reward executives for overall Company performance in a given year. Corporate goals are established by the Compensation Committee with input from senior management and approved by the full Board. For 2018, the Compensation Committee considered compensation criteria but declined to formally establish corporate goals and no annual cash bonus amounts were paid to our Named Executive Officers for 2018 in light of the completion of the Merger

Equity Compensation

The Compensation Committee considers equity incentives to be important in aligning the interests of our executive officers with those of our stockholders. As part of our pay-for-performance philosophy, the Company's compensation program tends to emphasize the long-term equity award component of total compensation packages paid to our executive officers.

Because vesting is based on continued employment, our equity-based incentives also encourage the retention of our Named Executive Officers through the vesting period of the awards. In determining the size of the long-term equity incentives to be awarded to our Named Executive Officers, we take into account a number of internal factors, such as the relative job scope, the value of existing long-term incentive awards, individual performance history, prior contributions to us and the size of prior grants. For 2018, while our Compensation Committee reviewed competitive market data prepared by Radford in connection with its grant of long-term equity incentive awards to the Named Executive Officers, such awards were not determined by reference to any specific target level of compensation or benchmarking. Based upon these factors, the Compensation Committee determines the size of the long-term equity incentives at levels it considers appropriate to create a meaningful opportunity for reward predicated on the creation of long-term stockholder value.

To reward and retain our Named Executive Officers in a manner that best aligns employees' interests with stockholders' interests, we use stock options and restricted stock unit awards as the primary incentive vehicles for long-term compensation. We believe that stock options and restricted stock unit awards are effective tools for meeting our compensation goal of increasing long-term stockholder value by tying the value of the stock to our future performance. Because employees are able to profit from stock options only if our stock price increases relative to the stock option's exercise price, we believe stock options provide meaningful incentives to employees to achieve increases in the value of our stock over time.

We use stock options and restricted stock unit awards to compensate our Named Executive Officers both in the form of initial grants in connection with the commencement of employment and annual refresher grants. Annual grants of equity awards are typically approved by the Compensation Committee during the first quarter of each year. While we intend that the majority of equity awards to our employees be made pursuant to initial grants or our annual grant program, the Compensation Committee retains discretion to grant equity awards to employees at other times, including in connection with the promotion of an employee, to reward an employee, for retention purposes or for other circumstances recommended by management or the Compensation Committee.


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